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Meet Angelique Janssen

I especially studied hypnotherapy in combination with the most effective techniques of NLP, CBT and psychotherapy, which is combined in Rapid transformational Therapy™ (RTT™).

This sessions will help you discover the root and causes of issues you are struggling with, or holding you back.. Together we will liberate you from your past and change the beliefs that are holding you back so you can be free, reclaim your voice, your self worth, your powers and reconnect to your true self, born without worries, fears and doubts, back to the unique confident you.


Let me help you become the person you want to be, so you realize what a beautiful, amazing and resilient person you are with unlimited possibilities.


Why Hypno Therapy

Some facts about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is all about being relaxed, safe and in control. You are not asleep but in a state of suggestion. Hypnotized people are in complete control of their mind, so you are completely aware of what is happening. It is a natural state, there is no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis.

The way the mind works

Imagination is more powerful than Knowledge and Logic, said Einstein. Your mind always does what you want it to do. Your mind responds to the pictures in your head and the words you say to yourself. What is expected tends to be realized. Your mind learns by repetition. Your mind loves what is familiar. Your mind works to move you from pain to pleasure. We make our beliefs and our beliefs make us. The mind can not understand negative or contradictions.

What i love about the therapy

Your heal your mind with hypno therapy. One session only will make a big difference, so there is no need to repeat a sessions for a year. We look at the solutions and focus on that. You will transform old patterns of your mind and let go of thoughts you don't need any longer. All can by done by Video Conference, no need to be in Marbella. The advancements of today we can communicate and see each other without being in the same place.


Being healed doesn't mean  that the damage never existed, it means the damage doesn't control our lives anymore. 

“My experience was very pleasant, calm and very relaxing. I remembered various phases of my life which were almost forgotten. I could feel the power to change inside of me. Angelique gave me confidence and security. As of today I really feel very good  and I am exceeding my goals. I can only encourage to try it .”

- Reme

I had a therapy session with Angelique for a physical issue. Together we looked at childhood and family dynamics that had triggered the problem.  Angelique has a wonderfully kind, calming manner and with great expertise she helped me uncover the root of my troubles.  She made a powerful transformation audio for me to listen to.  Unearthing this belief has been a real eye-opener.  It is only when you start understanding the real cause of your problems that you can take steps to change or heal. I can really recommend Angelique to anyone looking for freedom in absolutely any area of their life. Thank you Angelique!

- Johanna
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¨The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.¨


-Albert Einstein

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